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AEM X-Series Oil Pressure Gauge 150PSI / 10BAR

AEM X-Series Oil Pressure Gauge 150PSI / 10BAR

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Focussing on manufacturing reliable, affordable and unique products that truly deliver on their promises, AEM is a company that is constantly looking to change the status quo when it comes to automotive electronics. From their boost gauges to their fuel pumps, AEM products are among some of the most sought after electronics, trusted by street enthusiasts and race teams alike

AEM’s X-Series 150 PSI/10 BAR Digital Oil Pressure gauge combines incredible looks, increased readability and a multitude of new, easy-to-use features! It is a must for users who want highly accurate oil or fuel pressure readouts in their high performance vehicle.

Visual improvements include a bright centre LED display that is 87% larger than our original digital gauges and provides better readability. A sweeping green LED “needle” lines the edge of the gauge face for quick reference. A 33% overall increase in the gauge face display makes it easier to see at a glance.

Despite the larger display, X-Series Gauges are contained in a standard 2-1/16th-inch (52mm) diameter housing for mounting in a standard gauge pod. Thanks to an advanced single board design, X-Series Gauges have an incredibly slim overall depth of under 0.825”, with a cup depth of only 0.200.” This shallow cup depth allows X-Series Digital Gauges to be mounted practically anywhere.

X-Series Digital Gauges include new technological features that make them easier to use. Two buttons on the faceplate deliver programmability for peak/recall, standard or metric centre LED readout and sweeping LED needle, and user-selectable threshold warnings. The gauges are AEMnet CAN-bus enabled, so they can be daisy chained together for use with the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS, AQ-1 Data Logger, or 3rd party EMS or logger that accepts AEMnet. 0-5V analog outputs are also included for inputting into data loggers and engine management systems.


  • Excellent accuracy and speed
  • Easy to read sweeping LED needle
  • 52mm housing
  • User selectable warnings
  • Comes with black bezel and reversible black PSI/BAR boost pressure faceplate
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