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B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System

B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System

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The B-G Steering Wheel Quick Release System allows the user to quickly and easily attach/detach the majority of aftermarket steering wheels from the hub, offering the ultimate anti-theft solution by allowing complete removal of the steering wheel when not in use.

Produced from high quality aluminium for maximum durability, the B-G Quick Release System features a push-pin mechanism to prevent premature unlocking.

Utilising a 6x70mm & 6x74mm multi-drilled PCD bolt pattern allows the quick release system to be fitted to all steering wheels with a matching bolt pattern.

This quick release fits between the steering wheel and the hub and includes wiring for a horn push.

WARNING: The replacement of the steering wheels on cars equipped with airbag systems will disable both the functioning of the airbag of the driver and that of the passenger or any other airbag fitted to the car. For cars equipped with airbag systems, our steering wheels are intended for racing and show use only. Do not attempt to install this kit yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels .Do not attempt to install this kit without having previously read the instruction manual. Incorrect installation can lead to steering wheel failure which can cause an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death. Caution: Reduced steering wheel diameter will cause increased driver steering effort.

  • Compatible With Most Aftermarket Steering Wheels
  • First Class Design
  • Impeccable Racing Pedigree
  • Ultimate Anti-Theft Solution
  • High Quality Aluminium Construction
  • One Year Warranty


Part Number - BG4921
Brand - B-G
Material - Aluminium
Width - 123mm
Depth - 60mm
Weight - 0.62kg - 1.37lb
PCD Bolt Pattern- 6x70mm + 6x74mm
Warranty - We offer 12 months warranty on this product
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