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Dixcel Brake Package- Lancer Evo 5-9 (Front & Rear Set)

Dixcel Brake Package- Lancer Evo 5-9 (Front & Rear Set)

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Dixcel are a Japanese brake manufacturer, specialising exclusively in premium quality brake discs and pads, catering for regular street users, right the way up to extreme racing use. Used by race teams throughout Japan in the Japanese Super GT and Super Taikyu, as well as the Australian GT and Asian GT race series. The Dixcel catalogue is extensive, covering all manner of Japanese models.

Z Type is a multi-use, high performance pad offering many of the benefits of a track pad, but maintains day to day usability. Consistent cold bite, stable braking power and high fade resistance make Z Type an exceptional choice for the track enthusiast who also uses their car day to day.


Product Features:

  • Effective temperature range of 0-850°C
  • Graphite metallic friction material
  • Being an multi-use brake pad, Z-type can be for street or circuit use
  • Consistent braking even when the brakes are cold. Also helps for a longer discs life
  • Stable braking power and high fade resistance even at high brake temperatures

SD is Dixcel's slotted series of brake rotor, featuring a 6 slot pattern for much greater friction levels and improved breaking performance, up to 20% more compared to PD.

Featuring Dixcel's anti corrosion coating to help keep your brake rotors looking new for longer.


  • Up to 20% more braking friction compared to blank discs
  • 6 slot design offers excellent wear, noise and friction qualities
  • Well suited to high friction performance pads
  • Anti corrosion coating

Disc Specification Front:

  • Diameter: 320mm
  • Thickness: 32mm
  • Hole: 5
  • PCD: 114.3

Disc Specification Rear:

  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Hole: 5
  • PCD: 114.3
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