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Exedy Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Lancer Evolution 4-9

Exedy Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Lancer Evolution 4-9

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Exedy lightweight racing flywheels combine low weight, low inertia and a high thermal resistance to produce one of the best performance flywheels on the market. Each one is designed for us in light tuned street cars, right up to race, rally and drag use. 

Made from a solid one-piece billet chromoly steel, they are specifically designed to reduce inertia and increase engine response and each one is tested up to a maximum of 18,000rpm.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, one-piece chromoly flywheel
  • Made from a single piece of chromoly steel
  • Low inertia for improved engine response
  • Generic picture used

Please Note: This is an Evo 7-9 flywheel. It is a direct fit for all Evo 7-9's, but is a common upgrade for Evo 4-6, providing you use a larger 7-9 clutch kit.

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