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Package includes

  • PBS Front Pads - Either ProTrack or ProRace
  • PBS Rear Pads - Either ProTrack or ProRace
  • PBS Front Discs
  • PBS Rear Discs
  • Fluid - Choose from PBS 600 / PBS 660 / RBF 660 (optional)
  • Hel Performance Braided Lines (optional)

PBS Brake Pads

Performance Brake Solutions manufacture high performance brake pads for track and race use . These pads are made by racing drivers for racing drivers, working at high temperature with excellent pedal feel , consistent braking with low dust and great rotor life. These are by the far the best bang for buck pads on the market giving great consistency, longevity and bite at both hot and cold temperatures


The ProTrack compound is also ceramic metallic material that has milder initial bite than the ProRace compound the with excellent control and feel with powerful stopping power 0.40 to 0.48mu this compound is designed for light occasional track use or wet conditions and for race series that have to use a low grip Tyre with less noise and dust

Working temp 0-700c


The ProRace compound is a ceramic graphite material that has great initial bite, excellent control and feel with powerful stopping power 0.36 to 0.58mu this compound is used in many race series with great results including race wins and overall championships it is also the compound of choice for many track day users.

Working temp 0-800c

PBS Brake Discs

These brake discs are perfect when you're looking to upgrade from the OEM component. Featuring high carbon content that provides superior strength over heavy-duty cycles on track, these discs are the perfect match when using PBS brake pads! The grooved pattern on the discs themselves provide an improve bite and help to keep your brakes cool and provide maximum air flow.

Hel Braided brake Lines

The difference between winning and losing is a very fine line...

On every mile of every race track the importance of high performance precision braking control has been proven. Total feel and response give you the confidence you need on the road. The difference between an average driver and a great driver is those who can control speed and those who cannot. Speed is nothing without control and it's a very fine line - Which is why HEL Performance only supply very fine lines.

Each HEL Performance brake line kit is assembled in-house from the finest quality stainless steel fittings swaged directly to hard drawn tensile stainless steel braided hose.

With our extensive automotive listings the complete kit will be manufactured to exact specifications, guaranteeing the look, the quality and the performance you demand.

HEL Brake line kits eliminate that 'spongy' feeling often found with rubber hoses under extreme braking conditions - the time when performance is needed the most. By replacing the original rubber hoses with our complete system you will remove this sponginess and your braking will deliver new levels of precision.

Don't risk using inferior brake lines when you can trust us to improve braking reliability and performance - We use stainless steel in our lines and our fittings. Most competitors use zinc plated fittings which are at risk from corrosion.

What's Stopping You?

OEM Replacements

Like for like replacements for the standard flexible brake hoses on your vehicle.

What's Included

  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Natural plain stainless steel banjo bolts (if the fittings require them)
  • Copper crush washers (if the fittings require them)
  • Lifetime warranty keyring fob
  • Installation leaflet

Lifetime Warranty

Global Certification

All our hoses are tested to extremes in the laboratory, and on the racetrack, where they’re proven time and time again. Our hoses meet and exceed regulatory requirements all over the world, making them road legal anywhere.


Line inner material PTFE
Line outer material Stainless steel (303/304) and protective PVC cover
Fittings material Stainless steel (303/304)
Temperature range -70°C to 260°C (-94°F to 500°F)
Inside diameter 3.5mm (0.138")
Outside diameter 7.5mm (0.295")
Maximum working pressure 290 Bar (4206 PSI)
Burst pressure 870 Bar (12618 PSI)
Minimum bend radius 38mm (1.496")


PBS 600

  • Ideal for competition or track day use
  • Very high boiling point
  • Consistent braking at extreme temperatures
Typical Dry Boiling Point 312c (594 f)
Typical Wet Boiling Point 204c (399 f)


PBS 660

  • Ideal for competition or track day use
  • Very high boiling point
  • Consistent braking at extreme temperatures
Typical Dry Boiling Point 328c (622 f)
Typical Wet Boiling Point 204c (399 f)

RBF 660
Motul RBF 660 Factory Line Fully Synthetic DOT 4 Racing Brake & Clutch Fluid

Motul RBF 660 Factory Line is a high performance, fully synthetic, polyglycol based brake fluid, exclusively featuring a very high boiling point. It minimises the air vents of the brakes thus improving aerodynamic drag. 

Application - Recommended for all types of hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems requiring non-silicone based synthetic fluid.

Specially designed to resist to extreme temperatures generated by carbon and ceramic racing brake systems. Can be also used with conventional steel discs and clutch systems actuators.

Typical Dry boiling point: 328 °C / 622 °F
Typical Wet boiling point: 204 °C / 399 °F

Avoid mixing this product with polyglycol based brake fluids with lower performances, and do not mix with silicone or mineral based fluids (LHM).

General Details

DOT specification              DOT 3
Specification                      FMVSS 116 DOT 4 / SAE J1703


  • Provides the highest performance under racing conditions, where braking systems must operate at very high temperatures
  • Extreme thermal resistance and stability
  • Very high dry and wet boiling points are superior to conventional brake fluids (e.g. DOT 5.1 non-silicone base and DOT 4)
  • Enables effective braking during rain and under extreme conditions
  • Provides better aerodynamic performance by reducing air entrance for brake cooling


  • FMVSS 116
  • DOT 4
  • SAE J1703
  • Widely exceeds DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 standards (except for DOT 5.1 viscosity at - 40°C


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