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Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake System - EP3/DC5

Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake System - EP3/DC5

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Hybrid Racing are a US based company created by enthusiasts who wanted to offer the absolute best Honda K-Swap parts possible. Since their launch in 2003, they've expanded their product range to also include direct replacement parts for modern Honda performance models. All of their parts are high super high quality, using only the best materials and cutting edge design techniques.

We spent countless hours designing, testing, and refining this design to ensure it was the absolute best intake available for the 8th Gen Civic platform. This intake is designed to make big gains on any setup, from totally stock to high-lift cams and huge exhausts. Dyno graphs are provided to show the intake's effectiveness against its competitors, but for example we saw 14hp peak gain and 9hp average gain against the stock air box. Against competing 3.5" cold air intakes, we saw typical peak and average gains of around 2-3hp with a much smoother power band, meaning more power and better drivability.

Designing an intake system with a set of guidelines isn't hard to achieve. However, building an intake system that not only fits every engine combination while allowing that setup to produce more power is. We chose to narrow that field and focus on what we consider to be the best recipe for power gains. With the success of our eighth generation Civic Si intake system we used what we learned and created this system for our fellow DC5 RSX owners.

Due to size constraints inside of the DC5 chassis, the intake system was restricted to a 3-inch design. Combined with our high-flow velocity air filter, this Cold Air Intake System has shown gains of up to 10% (5-10hp) across the powerband compared to a short ram system while significantly reducing intake air temperatures. Don't want to relocate your battery? No problem. The Hybrid Racing RSX intake allows for the battery to stay in the OEM location.

The intake requires a 70mm or larger throttle body and the RBC/RRC style intake manifolds. Fitment or compatibility with an OEM PRB intake is not guaranteed. Slight trimming of the LH inner fender lining is required and the removal or relocation of the OEM windshield washer bottle is needed. Alterations to cars running OEM Type R brake cooling ducts may be necessary. The included radiator hose fits the K20A/A2/A3/Z1 water neck. It may not fit the K20Z3/K24 water neck.


Product features:

  • Full Silicone Construction
  • True 3" tube design
  • Most powerful DC5 intake on the market
  • Includes 3" velocity stack & filter
  • Requires the use of a 70mm throttle body and RBC/RRC inlet manifold
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