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Ported Intake Manifold Evo 4-8

Ported Intake Manifold Evo 4-8

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Introducing our ported intake manifold for Evo's 4-8

All manifolds are degreased and cleaned down prior to any work being carried out.

We then carry out the below modifications -

  • We start by cutting the plenum open to give us access to the inside of the manifold 
  • Port and flow the plenum. The plenum is then smoothed and transitioned all the way through
  • Modify and smooth out the runner entries
  • Runners are then port matched perfectly to the OEM gasket 
  • Add material to the underside of the throttle body flange so that we can then remove the very sharp transition on the inside and replace it with a very smooth radius on the throttle body inlet (This helps with airflow into cylinder 4 which is a weak point on these engines and the most prone to detonation)
  • Throttle body flange can be left as the original size or can be enlarged to 65mm
  • Weld the plenum back on
  • Tidy up any welds on the inside of the plenum
  • Vapour blast both the inside and outside


Additional options are also available - 

  • Throttle body inlet modified to suit a Bosch DBW throttle body
  • Remove any unwanted vacuum ports
  • Additional vacuum ports
  • Air intake temp sensor flange welded on
  • Powder coating

Please for pricing regarding any additional work or if you are interested in any additional work that isn't listed above then please contact us and I'm sure we can help. 


We offer an exchange service for this product. We give you 30 days from the date of purchase to send in your intake manifold. Intake manifolds cannot be modified and or damaged in anyway or a refund will not be issued. If we receive a good condition un-modified intake manifold within the 30 days we will refund you £50.00


If preferred we can also carry out the work to your own manifold, please select the 'I will send my own manifold' option. We will then send you a form to be completed and sent in with the manifold.

Typically turnaround time is 7-14 days from date of order

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