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Millers CFS Nanodrive 5W40 Fully Synthetic Oil - 1L / 5L

Millers CFS Nanodrive 5W40 Fully Synthetic Oil - 1L / 5L

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Millers is a family owned, UK based company that develops engine oils and fuel additives for both commercial and domestic markets, as well as catering for motor sport applications. Their performance lubricants are proven in race series such as the Civic Cup and Caterham Championship, giving you absolute peace of mind in the quality of their oils.

Offering the benefits of their triple ester Nanodrive technology, but at a more affordable price point than their top of the range NT+ oil, Millers CFS 5W40 bridges the gap between performance and affordability.

With significant improvements made over previous generations of their competition grade fully synthetic, CFS 5w40 gives appreciably better performance and extended life of internal components. Perfect for use in fast road, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs, and is also ideally suited for engines with hydraulic tappets.


  • Manufactured to far exceed the requirements of API SL/CF and ACEA A3/B4
  • Ideal for fast road or track day use, especially in engines where a 5w30 is normally specified
  • Suitable for operating at 125c with peak temperatures up to 150c
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