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Motamec Oil Cooler 19 Row - 235mm Matrix -10 AN JIC - Black Alloy

Motamec Oil Cooler 19 Row - 235mm Matrix -10 AN JIC - Black Alloy

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Motamec high performance alloy oil cooler - 19 row

Lightweight pressed plate design
Black powder coated finish
Aluminium construction
Designed to reduce oil temperature in high performance engines, transmission, differentials etc.

The Motamec oil coolers are used in race and rally cars, track day cars and fast road applications. The coolers can also been used in industrial applications. The optimum temperature of the oil is imperative when engine spends prolonged periods of time in the higher end of the rev range. By keeping the engine oil in the correct temperature, excess and premature wear of the engine is prevented.

The oil coolers should be fitted in a position where airflow can pass through the matrix (usually at the front end of the car, near the radiator) as it is this airflow which cools the oil as it flows through the oilways within the oil cooler. Oil is supplied to the cooler by pipes which connect to the engine, usually via a sandwich plate which fits between the engine and the oil filter, or integrated into the plumbing on race engine dry sump applications.

The height of the cooler is measured in rows. This is the number of oil-ways, including the top and bottom plates.
The width is measured by the width of the matrix only

Universal Alloy 19 Row Oil Cooler 10AN


Technical Characteristics
Number of rows: 19
Fittings: 10AN
Matrix width: 235mm
Height: 147mm
Capacity: 0.38lt

Max Pressure 145 PSI
Weight: 1.24kg

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