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PRL Billet Aluminium Intercooler - Civic FK8 Type R

PRL Billet Aluminium Intercooler - Civic FK8 Type R

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Despite being an exceptional performance car out of the box the FK8 suffers from some cooling issues, particularly during sustained hard driving. This heat soak limits the vehicles power and is ultimately detrimental to the overall performance.

The PRL Billet Aluminium Intercooler core increases the overall surface area by about 85% and improves internal flow by around 83% to allow optimal cooling and airflow. The Billet end tanks maximise efficiency while look as smooth as they flow! The end result is improved mid-range power and turbo response, along with a significant drop in post charge air temps.

Utilising the factory mounts and compatible with all the factory air ducts and shrouds mean this intercooler is a direct replacement for the factory one, with no additional cutting or trimming necessary. Each intercooler is supplied with all the necessary hardware for installation.


Product features:

  • Improved turbocharger response
  • 3 horsepower and 11ft/lb torque gains from simply bolting on (more with a map!)
  • Improved mid-range power gains
  • Increased efficiency and consistency in power delivery

Kit Includes:

  • Intercooler core
  • Carboard 'PRL' Stencil
  • O-rings
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