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Pulsar PTX3584RS Gen 2 - .83 Dual V-Band No WG

Pulsar PTX3584RS Gen 2 - .83 Dual V-Band No WG

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Pulsar PTX3584RS Gen 2

  • Please note, T51R housing option requires an extra 7 days handling time
  • Recommended displacement 2.0 to 5.0 litres with power outputs up to 1000hp possible.
  • ‘Dual ceramic ball bearing system-
  • 67*84mm Billet compressor wheel-
  • 68*62mm “RS” Gen2 turbine wheel
  • 0.83, 1.01 A/R dual v-band turbine housing, T3 0.63, 0.82 V-Band outlet turbine housings available
  •  V-Band Flange kit(s) for the exhaust housing included
  • Gen2 cover with integrated speed sensor port
  • Compressor Housing: 4′ inlet, 2.5” outlet, 0.72A/R, Anti-surge
  • 10 Blade Gen2 Billet Compressor Wheel with Extended Tapered Tip Technology
  • Inconel 713c Gen2 9 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • SPEC
  • Billet Compressor Wheel: 67.3/84.4, 10+0 Blades;
    Compressor Housing: 4'' inlet, 2.5'' outlet, 0.72 A/R, Anti-surge;
    Turbine Wheel: 68/62.3mm; (“RS” blade profile)
    Turbine Housing: T3 inlet, V band outlet, 0.82 A/R;
    Turbine housing Outlet flange&clamp fit: 3'' OD tubing, slip on & weld. 

It's strongly recommended to run water cooling to aid reliability.

Why Not Add Some Heat Protection

Funk Motorsport Blanket

  • Surface temperature reductions up to 80%
  • Continuous operating temperature: 1000 degrees C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1200 degrees C
  • Easily removable for maintenance 

Immico Thermo Immission Control

Fully welded solution using high quality thermal matting with bespoke fabricated dimpled foil casing. This solution provides significant performance benefits with a minimum surface temperature reduction recorded at 75%. With a range of thicknesses available to suit different applications, this can raise to over 90%.

With advanced welding techniques and high quality dimpled casing this increases the life cycle of the insulation making it a fit and forget product with high performance.

*Please allow for an additional 2-3 weeks for Immico Thermo Immission Control

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